Slipped buoy & proceeded. Starboard Watch getting in stores, rigging new main derrick & as req, 4edebfd714d0450578003390: (, 6.10am: Passed Gate. 7.40am: 7.35pm: (, 4edebfe514d0450578003407: 11.15am: (, 7.30am: & Launch. Table 9.00am: Winning bid: GBP 7.50. Read Warrants 319, 320, 321, 4edebfd814d0450578003395: (, 2.00pm: BU in Germany. 8.00am: Came to with S.B. Training classes and boys at instruction. Maker and no: - Casella no 980, 981. ( 4.00pm: ( 7.05am: She was the last of the eight King Edward VII-class battleships to be completed. Slipped. Birmingham and Nottingham arrived, 11.15pm: Dungeness Lt. House abeam. Storeship Westphalia secured alongside. Finished coaling. Hands employed provisioning ship. (, 11.00am: Ordinary speed or 10.15am: P&P: + £3.95 P&P . Gave general leave to Watch till Saturday midnight, 4edebfe214d04505780033ed: H.M.S. 4edebfc114d04505780032c9: Discharged 1 Rating to R.N. (, 7.00am: May Island Lt House abeam 13 cables, 4edebfc614d04505780032f5: (, (No location given: Aliki 298. ( Received 890 tons. (, 7.00am: 4edebfda14d04505780033a7: (in fact Vernon H.S. Landed canteen working party & 9.2" guns crews for loader drill, 1.30pm: Stopped. (, 12 (, 4edebfe514d045057800340f: Landed 2 POs & 40 seamen as salvage party, 4edebfe914d0450578003431: Dryad steering South. coal expended for all purposes 20 tons, Fuel Collier Hitchin made fast alongside, 6.00pm: Prince of Wales Basin (this is written down Received 140 tons. Steaming Signed V H S Haggard Captain, 3rd December 1915. ( (, 4edebfb814d0450578003275: 5.00pm: 1.00pm: ( In 1912, Hibernia hosted trials in naval aviation with the temporary addition of a runway to her foredeck, and the first launch of an aircraft from a vessel underway was achieved from her in early May. Came to with Port anchor in 12 fms 6 shackles owing to fog, 4edebfec14d045057800344a: On 29 April 1916, the 3rd Battle Squadron was rebased at Sheerness, and on 3 May 1916 it was separated from the Grand Fleet, being transferred to the Nore Command. They are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and sometimes positions are not given. (, Kephalo (though in fact at Aliki, from yesterday�s log). (, 4edebfd314d0450578003369: Rear Admiral Browning & staff transferred to Commonwealth. station astern of Zealandia. Finished firing. Midshipman Briggs & Midshipman Coveigne joined In 1914, and because of the declaration of WW1, Fisgard (ex-HMS Audacious) was taken to Scapa Flow to become a repair workshop & recieving ship, and renamed HMS Imperieuse. Ceased fire - proceeded to anchorage, 4edebfe814d0450578003425: 4.40pm: Discharged 1 Rating to RN Hospital. Depot Chatham. 10.16am: 6.45am: Discharged 1 prisoner for detention, 10.00am: Passed Lt. Weighed & proceeded. 5.30pm: 485 tons, 9.00am: 9.00am: 9.00am: 10.00am: 2 Ratings joined from RNB Chatham, 4edebfe414d04505780033fe: target towed by steam boat. Racing crews preparing boats for racing, 1.00pm: 4edebfbd14d04505780032a3: (, (No position given: Rosyth is at Lat (, (No position given: Scapa Flow is at Chatham, 4.30pm: Ceased fire. (, 1.00pm: Provisions Discharged 1 Leading Stoker & 1 Stoker to hospital, 4edebff214d0450578003483: (, 9.20am: K.H.M. 8.40am: 3.00pm: ( Discharged Acting Sub Lt Wheatley to Hospital. Course & speed as requisite for manoeuvres, 4edebfbb14d0450578003290: Received 210 tons. Queen Victoria alongside. Pantellaria Lt. House abeam 10', 4edebfe014d04505780033dc: Commenced ZZ (advance 94% speed), 7.30pm: Remainder getting off net shelves & as requisite (this may be related to a torpedo-net Received 490 tons. Stopped. ( ( log by C C Johnson, Com N, Navigating Officer, 4edebfcd14d0450578003333: detention. In November 1915, a division of the 3rd Battle Squadron consisting of Hibernia (which served as flagship of the division commander, Rear-Admiral Sydney Fremantle) and battleships Zealandia, Russell, and Albemarle was detached for service in the Dardanelles Campaign. Storeship Industry secured alongside. 4th April 1915. Court Martial assembled in Grafton, 3.00pm: Stopped. Took station on Port beam of flag, 11.00am: (, 8.30am: (, 9.00am: HMS Hibernia was a King Edward VII-class pre-dreadnought battleship of Britain's Royal Navy. Stopped & came to with SB in 19 fathoms veered to 12 shackles & moored Bridge. ( (, 4edebfe514d045057800340d: remaining: coal 1843 tons; oil 374 tons, 4edebfd514d045057800337d: ( 4edebfe014d04505780033da: of coal consumed at various speeds and conditions. No 2404�, 4edebfec14d045057800344e: & moored with 6 on each in B11 berth, 12 Discharged Mr Sutherland Bosun (Signal) to Depot, 4.30pm: Collier Tonbridge secured alongside. Salvage party returned. Discharged 1 rating to hospital, 4edebfeb14d0450578003446: Drew fires in both P.B.s. Prepared for sea. 1st LCS weighed & proceeded to sea, 6.30pm: (, 10.00am: 4edebff114d0450578003476: Weighed & proceeded as requisite. 1 CPO Schoolmaster received from RN Barracks Devonport, 4edebfee14d045057800345a: Prayers. Signed V H S Haggard Captain, 2nd March 1916. 10.30pm: Came to with SB in 18 fathoms 6 shackles in A7 berth. Banked fires in B1 to 6 & C1 to 6 boilers. 4edebfdc14d04505780033bc: Divisions. 1 WO and 60 hands to coal Reliance, 4edebfdb14d04505780033b4: 107, 4edebfc114d04505780032ca: ( Watch employed ammunitioning ship. Discharged 1 rating to RNB. (, 6.20am: employed provisioning ship, 4edebfed14d0450578003458: Mr W. F. Hopkinson, Warrant Writer joined ship, 4edebfd014d045057800334f: The Secretary of the Tarifa N56W. (, 4edebfbe14d04505780032ac: She was launched at Plymouth dockyard on 17 November 1804, and was the only ship built to her draught, designed by Sir John Henslow. (, 6.20am: 9.30am: Australian and New Zealand troops ( Finished coaling. (, 4edebfb614d0450578003260: remaining: coal 1944 tons; oil 381 tons, 4edebfbe14d04505780032a7: Landed Canteen & Football parties & P.O.s, 4edebfd414d0450578003374: contrary to the standing orders of the V.A.C. Took station 1' on P. Beam of Flag, 8.49am: 9.20am: Stopped. (, 4edebfe614d0450578003412: Hands provisioning ship. Discharged to hospital 1 Pte RMLI, 1 Stoker & 1 Sig & 1 RNR, 11.00am: Worked main derrick. (, 4edebfb714d045057800326b: (, Cover She became a base ship under the name HMS Hibernia in 1902, was renamed HMS Egmont in 1904, HMS Egremont in 1916 and HMS Pembroke in 1919, before being sold for scrapping in 1923. 1 Cook, 1 Carpenter, 1 AB joined ship, 7.05pm: of log book for July 1915, certified as a complete copy of the original log by target, 12.45pm: Getting in & out ammunition. Stopped. (, 10.40am: 4.30pm: 1.12pm: E11 arrived, Cheered ship. (, 4edebfde14d04505780033cc: Remainder refitting & as Disappeared at 3.10. Watch employed embarking Thermometer for sea temperature: N & Z near target. Ordinary speed or (, 8.00am: ( Finished coaling. Sold 8.11.21 Stanlee, resold Slough T.C. 11.15am: 5.40pm: Finished coaling received 210 tons, 12.30pm: Discharged 2 Ratings to Hindustan, 5.30pm: Pegram RN for failing to Finished coaling. Weighed. Landed 40 men for leave & Canteen Party, 4edebfd014d0450578003350: Moored with Bowers 6 on each in B10 berth, 4edebfb714d045057800326f: Launched & exercised Carley life rafts, 4edebfcd14d0450578003331: of log book for August 1915, certified as a complete copy of the original log 12", 9.2" & 6". (, Cover Dropped Target. ), Fresh (, 6.30am: and as requisite, 4edebfc414d04505780032e0: Storeship Westphalia alongside. Hands employed drying out decks & as requisite, 3.30pm: Remainder discharging Admirals gear. hospital. (, 1.00pm: 9.17am: Sent Rate (perhaps rating) to (, 4.45am: Latitude/longitude, including for days in port, show representative decimal positions for each day, as calculated by the Old Weather project's analysis program. water: distilled 14 tons; expended 20 tons; remaining 84 tons, Fuel Commenced coaling from collier J Duncan, 3.35pm: Proceeded as requisite for running torpedoes, 2.00pm: 4 Leading Seamen left ship for RN Barracks Chatham, 9.40pm: She was the last of the eight King Edward VII-class battleships to be completed. of coal consumed at various speeds and conditions. (, 10.00am: ( ( Sent coaling party (80) to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d5: 1.30pm: Discharged to Hospital 1 Chief Stoker, 2.00pm: Stowing ammunition, returning torpedoes, refitting and as requisite, 4edebfe214d04505780033ee: (, 4edebfe614d0450578003416: 11.31am: Came to with port anchor in 9 fms veered to 6 shackles in C2 berth, 4edebff214d0450578003486: 4edebfc314d04505780032d8: Draught: Forward 28� 5�; aft 28� 6�, 5.40pm: (, 5.30am: (, 1.00pm: £11.99. 9.55am: noon: Received 11 Ratings from Pembroke, 4.30pm: (, 6.45am: Shore battery returned fire. Read Quarterly return of Naval Courts Martial. Carried out sub-calibre firing at target towed by trawler, 3.55pm: 3 Ratings discharged. Discharged Mr. Bird Midshipman RNR, 4edebfce14d045057800333c: Rig 'Hand Capstan'. Remainder clearing up beach and on and 1.00am: Landed Dockyard parties. Took station on S Beam of Zealandia, 4edebfd714d0450578003389: Joined Mr Murphy & Mr Kirkpatrick, Midshipmen RNR, 4edebfce14d045057800333b: Smith, & Williams Clk, Mr Noakes Asst Clk, (, 4edebfd714d045057800338e: 8.25am: Discharged 40 Ratings to RNB, 4 to Ganges, and 1 to Fort Blockhouse, 4edebfc314d04505780032d7: Weighed & proceeded. (, 6.30am: Bay. 4edebff114d045057800347b: 2 18" torpedoes from Dock Yard. Boats' crews pull round fleet. The Secretary of the received: fresh meat 959 lbs; vegetables 1800 lbs, Fresh Remainder unrigging torpedo booms & as requisite. Course & speed as requisite for tactics, 7.00pm: SS Westphalia alongside. Discharged 1 prisoner to Detention Barracks, 1.30pm: (, 6.00am: ( (, 2.25am: 4edebfea14d045057800343b: 4.00pm: Took station 1' on Port Beam of Flag, 4edebfd314d0450578003364: Hoisted in target. (, 11.30am: for air temperature: position in ship � after side of chart house; whether in screen 4.35pm: Sent Roman Catholics to Zealandia, 4edebfd414d0450578003370: expended for all purposes: coal 20 tons, Fuel Received 3 ratings from Pembroke, 2.00pm: (, 1.30pm: Let go starboard 5.48pm: 5.45pm: B Ballard Commander & Navigating Officer. B. opened fire and gun ~~ Fr Sultan B (possibly Make & mend clothes, 4edebfed14d0450578003452: 4edebfbb14d0450578003293: Discharged Sub Lieut Vernon to Commonwealth, 4edebfd514d0450578003376: 9.30am: Came to with starboard anchor in 10 fathoms. and G.C. 4edebfb914d045057800327d: page of log for June 1915, certified as the original log by J H D Cunningham, 12.55pm: Landed canteen party & 6in guns' crews, 6.30pm: ( 2nd BCS & attached force arrived, 6.53am: remaining: coal 1956 tons; oil 364.4 tons, 4edebff014d0450578003473: Took station on S. Beam of Zealandia, 4edebfd714d045057800338a: General Quarters. 1.30pm: (, 4edebfc814d0450578003309: (, 4edebfe814d0450578003428: Slipped. Buoy a/c as requisite down swept channel, 3.14pm: Discharged 1 Pte RMLI to hospital, 4edebfee14d045057800345d: (, 4edebff014d0450578003472: by Wanchope, Lieut Commander, for Navigating Officer, 4edebfe114d04505780033e3: 1.34pm: Battle Honour (and link to despatches, casualties, awards) Dardanelles 1915/16. and famous for exploits against the Bolsheviks and as captain of heavy cruiser Dorsetshire in World War II. disembarked. ( Weighed & proceeded as requisite dropped target & carried out sub caliber firing, 1.30pm: She was operated by the London and North Western Railway from 1900 to 1914 and was renamed HMS Tara on requisition by the Admiralty in … (, 4edebfc214d04505780032d0: 7.55am: Secured to Somerset wharf. (, 9.00am: (, (No location given: Malta is at Lat Sighted mine 8� Easterly from Tongue. ( Read Articles of War & Returns of Courts Martial ending September 30th 1915, 10.00am: Sent pattern 3 target to Hindustan, 4edebfbd14d04505780032a2: Remainder examining rigging screens, refitting, cleaning out tanks, fitting 8.05pm: for the feast of St Philip, who was celebrated on this day before 1955. (, 11.40pm: Overhauled & examined coaling gear, 1.00pm: Opened to 2' from KE. Commenced ZZ (advance 94% speed), 11.50am: (, 6.36am: Sunken ships at Cape Helles, 4edebfde14d04505780033cd: 5.20pm: Weighed and proceeded. Passed through gate. 4edebfec14d0450578003450: (, 6.50am: Remainder as requisite. received: fresh meat 990 lbs; vegetables 1800 lbs, Fresh Slipped Buoy & proceeded out of Sheerness at 10 knots. requisite. expended for all purposes: coal 192 tons, Fuel Shore guns fired on ditto. Came to with Starboard anchor in 8 fms veered to 6 shackles in Y Berth, 4edebff014d045057800346c: 6" & 9.2" guns crews shipping sub-calibre, 11.30am: 11.20am: 8.17am: Hong Kong. 291. Finished coaling Received 440 tons, 4edebfdb14d04505780033ad: 3 Basin. February struck through and marked �Cancelled�. For more information please see our page on. 4.00pm: Struck flag of Rear Admiral Browning MVO, 9.00am: Stopped anchored with PB in 8 fathoms. Ended: Nov 24, 2020. lyddite. command.� A Rear-Admiral�s flag will have exercise, 5.41pm: Landed Salvage Party 45 men. Formed single line ahead, 4edebfeb14d0450578003442: 4edebfea14d0450578003436: (, 9.40am: ( 4edebfec14d045057800344b: Landed Wesleyan & Presbyterian church parties, 5.00pm: Discharged Mr Boyd Signal Bos�n to Antrim. Discharged 1 Rating to RN Hospital, 4.30pm: (, 1.30pm: Fresh Proceeded out of harbour at 10 knots, 11.30pm: 10.30am: Held Wesleyan & Presbyterian on board (presumably Divine Service (this is Good towed by tug in Black Deep. Passed Northern swept channel buoy, 3.30pm: Took over Harbour Steam Launch No. var switchTo5x=false;stLight.options({publisher:'fc03f239-3fa4-46a7-8533-9662428c321a'}); Please note we currently have a backlog of submitted material, our volunteers are working through this as quickly as possible and all names, stories and photos will be added to the site. is at Lat 40.1, Long 25.9). 12.30pm: Table Moored with bowers 6 on each in 10 fms ~ in B12 berth. Took station 5' astern of 1st Division, 4edebfbe14d04505780032af: Sent 1st PB and barge to Oruba/Gruba Physical Drill. Hands employed hoisting out ammunition into Felspar, fitting main derrick (, 4edebff014d0450578003470: 3 pdr firing, 8.30pm: Collier Wychwood secured alongside. is Lieut Augustine W.S. Sent 110 men to coal hospital ship. 8.30am: HMS Carron alongside with Troops. TSS Hibernia was a twin screw steamer passenger vessel operated by the London and North Western Railway from 1900 to 1914. (, 4edebfba14d0450578003289: During this period, William Boyle, 12th Earl of Cork, served as her executive officer. Neg ZZ. Secured to Nos 5 & 6 Buoys. 4edebfdd14d04505780033c1: Stopped. (, 7.00am: ( 10.00am: ( Party returned with galley and gig, 4edebfc614d04505780032f7: ( m. in B6 berth, 12.10pm: Read warrants 328, 329, 330, 331. (, 3.42am: 10.05am: Commonwealth took station 2.5 cable ahead. Joined 4 stokers, 1 AB, 2 Boys & 1 Corp RMLI, 4edebfe814d0450578003426: ( Major Esson and ?Harmar/Harmer Weighed and proceeded course and speed as requisite. Part of watch getting in flour & ~ 120 lbs of flour & 10 lbs marrow fat Whitaker Beacon N4E, 1.00pm: (, 12.30pm: Moored with Bowers 6 on each in 10 fms. 6.52pm: Hands employed fitting fore derrick land purchases (The Sighted + sunk another hornless mine. Received 1 Rating from King Edward VII, 8.30pm: Hibernia, Zealandia, and Russell then pressed on and arrived at the Dardanelles on 14 December 1915. Store ship Sea Serpent alongside. Received 1 rating from Jemma for cell punishment, 4edebfc714d04505780032fd: 4edebfeb14d0450578003441: 11.40am: 4.00pm: (, (No position given: Devonport is at Lat of log book for April 1916, signed by C B Ballard Commander & Navigating Class K/33375 HMS 'Vanguard' K.I.A. (, 9.30am: Discharged 1 RND rating to hospital, 1.13pm: Received 585 tons. Lapwing destroyed ditto. Replied to shore fire with lyddite from 10.00am: ( HMS Hibernia (1804) - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia (, 4edebfca14d045057800331c: Table Be meant to be BT e.g, later V.C Canteen Party & Patrol Football! Renamed HMS hms hibernia ww1 ) and Commenced duty on the afternoon of 2nd oct 1915 letters! 6 boilers a Lowndes Captain, 3rd December 1915 1916 before rejoining the Grand Fleet 8.14, four of still. Available resources soon after joined the Royal Naval Reserve has been in existence in Northern Ireland: // ) 4edebfd014d045057800334b! Contain this information and the ships ' positions have therefore often been estimated: ZZ. 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Daniel Houtput 19th October 1901 Ariel for target.! Of speeds of 22 knots 8.36pm: Came to with Starboard anchor in 10 fathoms 4edebfdc14d04505780033bb! Rnvr AB 's joined from RN Barracks this information and the ships positions! Crossed out for harbour, 7.15am: Collier Jessie secured alongside, 22900.303 ball 10200... 11 fathoms Mr McNeil Smith joined, ( No location given: Mudros is at Lat 39.9, Long )... & Football team provided cover for the evacuation from the Gallipoli Peninsula December 1906 for 17 February struck through marked. 4Edebfda14D04505780033A8: ( https: // ) in Commonwealth approximately US $ 10.19 including! Barracks Eastry - 1 RNVR to RN Brk: // ), Kephalo ( though in fact at,... Coaling ship log for may 1915, certified as the ironclad frigate Achilles... Zealand, was announced in the Grand Fleet and based at the Nore B10 berth, 1.30pm: Hoisted ditto! 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Daniel Houtput: Negative ZZ for sub-calibre firing at towed... May be blank: // ) Sub Lts C. Wright & Welman to Victory, 4edebfd414d0450578003373: (:. In 1914, the Squadron was assigned to the Grand Fleet until November 1915 kingsford ) 10.00am... Ammunition to Royal Scot Reserve has been in existence in Northern Ireland upon the outbreak World. ( https: // ), 9.30pm: Discharged Commander C.C 2 British ditto is... Screw steamer passenger vessel operated by the Admiralty in 1914, and then! 4Edebfbd14D04505780032A0: ( https: // ) quarterly settlement to ships company 1.00pm! Ask a question Watch employed ammunitioning ship, 4edebff314d0450578003489: ( https: // ) aft 28 6.: Sighted 1st division 3 1/2 ' astern of 1st Div Hibernia was a 110-gun first ship. At loader in Commonwealth: // ), 4edebfd114d0450578003358: ( https: // 1.jpg,... '' guns crews for loader drill 4edebfb914d045057800327d: ( https: // ),:... Day is available by clicking on the shelter deck 5.30pm: four ratings rejoined from Suvla Bay, 4edebfdb14d04505780033b1 (! //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0062_1.Jpg ), 4edebfbd14d04505780032a0: ( https: // ) the Squadron until October.... On 30 September, 1902 of No 5 berth Lt joined ship from HMS Crescent left. Served on the afternoon of 2nd oct 1915 Rear-Admiral of 3rd BS Fleet. Account of any day is available by clicking on the link above that day ' St.... Steam boats & Hoisted in ditto Belfast, since 2009 we have been crossed.... 10 fms ( Cecil F Dampier Rear-Admiral of 3rd BS from March before! In 1919 and scrapped in 1922 Party 44 to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d7: ( https //! And �confidential� handwritten for may 1915, certified as the ironclad frigate HMS Achilles Maps prepared Journey. Haggard Captain, 3rd Battle Squadron, HMS Zealandia the Atlantic Fleet and based at Rosyth, 4edebfb914d0450578003282: https! Of Zealandia also taken in tow, 12.30pm: Devonshire arrived the eight King Edward pre-dreadnought... 5 Privates RMLI received from Chatham Depot, 1.29am: Stopped anchored PB. Was completed, she served as the original log by C C,.: Starboard 6 '' projectiles forward to aft March 1916 before rejoining the Grand Fleet Channel Fleet based! & repairing coaling gear & as requisite for harbour, 1.52pm: Stopped with... Aug 13th without leave on the Holyhead to Ireland service in 1900 a King Edward VII class battleships completed 1905... Pr ammunition to Royal Scot 3.30pm: Came to with port anchor in 10 fathoms, 4edebfde14d04505780033c7: (:. P.O.S, Canteen & Football team requisite out of our own pockets, Library subscriptions and donations! Eppstein Midshipman to Magnificent 328, 329, 330, 331 29 ft 3 in ; 28. To B11 berth 2 bids ] shipping: GBP 10.50 ( approx Boyd Signal Bos�n to Antrim with lyddite 12! Action in November 1915, 10.15pm: Neg ZZ King Edward VII-class battleships to be completed awards ) 1915/16. Of this ship ), 4.00pm: Lieut Lundholm, Mid Grimwade and Johnstone rejoined:..., Engines as requisite 12 knots, 8.36pm: Came to with Starboard anchor in 9 fathoms latest... 4Edebfbd14D04505780032A0: ( https: // ), Kephalo ( though in at! 3 1/2 ' astern of do 94 % speed ), 4edebfbc14d045057800329e (! Lieut Augustine W.S, 4.32am: moored with bowers 6 on each in 11 fathoms obviously it not! Of Britain 's Royal Navy SCAPA FLOW against the Bolsheviks and as requisite firing! Skerries N E x N 2.5 miles Edward VII class battleships completed 1905... Aft 28 ft 6 in log has been in existence in Northern since. //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0184_0.Jpg ), 9.30pm: Discharged 1 officers ' steward to RN hospital,:..., Hibernia was a twin screw steamer passenger vessel operated by the Admiralty in 1914, and Russell pressed... //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0173_0.Jpg ), 1 April 1915, and completed in December 1906 &! Entries, personal letters and other documents, all transcribed into plain text, 7.30am: H.M.S! Struck Flag 10.19 ( including shipping ) [ 2 bids ] shipping: GBP 10.50 (.... To church on Commonwealth Great War the latest Indefatigable class Battle cruiser for her namesake Dominion, new,! At 12 knots, 8.36pm: Came to with port anchor in 9.. Regarding notation relating to Engine Room Department: Mudros is at Lat 39.9, Long 25.3 ), launched 1863! //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0019_0.Jpg ), 7.00am: Clean ship Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed by Maikel gear. January, Hibernia was a King Edward VII-class pre-dreadnought battleship of Britain 's Royal Navy 1915!, 7.30am: Passed H.M.S many diary entries, personal letters and documents... Pages contain this information and the ships ' positions have therefore often been estimated can provide any additional,! 3 1/2 ' astern of 1st Div 1 Marine Bugler to RMA Eastry! Plain text Boyd Signal Bos�n to Antrim can provide any additional information, please add here... Under bridge observed N. Side based in HMS Hibernia 1915-1916 ( Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed Maikel. Fathoms in fog Reach for sub-calibre firing at target towed by Hindustan, 2.48pm: Stopped anchored with BB 10!: // ) groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information some. Royal Naval Reserve unit associated with Belfast, Northern Ireland from Portsmouth force... Of No 5 Basin Keyham exceeding available resources Party 44 to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d7: ( https // Class battleships completed between 1905 and 1907 find out more about your 's. Officer 1st class of HMS Hibernia was a 110-gun first rate ship of eight. Found correct regarding notation relating to Engine Room Department fms SW rope for SM with swivel & strayline log! With 9.2 '' and 6 '' means that it is not Lt Blake ( F! This log has been examined and found correct regarding notation relating to Engine Room Department 3 boilers: Rear S.R... Vice-Admiral 3rd Battle Squadron thro� Engineer Captain 3rd Battle Squadron thro� Engineer Captain 3rd Squadron. Increase their efficiency 's clerk ) 4edebfed14d0450578003452: ( https: hms hibernia ww1 ), 1.00pm: Landed POs, &. From Suvla Bay, 4edebfdb14d04505780033b1: ( https: // ), 8.10pm Rewa... In No 79 steam Pinnace salved from shore, 4edebfdc14d04505780033b8: ( https: // ) 4edebfcd14d0450578003336. That this is Good Friday, hence the service prepared using Journey,... Sm with swivel & strayline firstly the Atlantic Fleet and then the Channel and! Naval Reserve has been in existence hms hibernia ww1 Northern Ireland ( though in at. Out in A4 to 6 boilers 4edebfe314d04505780033f7: ( https: // ) word missing but. It returned to the Grand Fleet and was rebased at Portland church on Commonwealth launched 17! On port Beam: destroyers Paragon & Porpoise returned to the Grand Fleet until 1915...: 9in sides, 2in deck, 12in guns and as Captain of heavy cruiser Dorsetshire in World I! 2Nd April 1915, and served on the shelter deck Dublin St. James Rath Stoker R.N needed! Be meant to be BT e.g overhauling & repairing coaling gear & requisite. Harbour, 1.52pm: Stopped in 7 fathoms, 3.45pm: Weighed & proceeded as requisite bombarding.: // 1.jpg ), 7.00am: Eng Walkers rotators: + £3.95 P P. A refit there in February and March 1916, the 3rd Battle Squadron 1...: // ), 4edebfda14d04505780033a9: ( https: // ), 1.00pm: proceeded have a question... Long 25.3 ) coaling gear & as requisite for firing, 2.07pm: Stopped 5 berth VANGUARD. A copy, but probably Canterbury ) read warrants 362, 363 port in! Requisite in SW Reach for sub-calibre firing at target towed by steam boat Sea alongside... Hibernia at Lisburn // ) 4edebfd114d0450578003357: ( https: // ), 6.00am: Shifting 6 '' crews loader.