Let's start with how the system works. I had an X2 that did have some occlusion issues, it was replaced and the issue never happened again. This much-anticipated system connects the t:slim X2 pump with the Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitor), providing glucose prediction and auto insulin shut-off when a … Wait. with no changes other than the new pump), multiple occlusion alarms (due to site, tubing) and now I am dealing with my CGM sensor not reading back properly to my pump (I have used 2 new sensors in 2 days). Review: Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump. January 21st, 2013. After all, I was getting a better pump with better features, at a lower price, and at a time when the cost of health care was going through the roof. My Medtronic device has no issue with the normal metal detectors, so I only have to get a pat-down if something else sets off the metal detector. .I always see the drops at the end of the clip, and I am extremely careful to insert correctly. t:slim Insulin Pump – A Pumper’s Review. :) I’m used to A1c’s at 6.3. I have searched the internet for some kind of replacement, but the tlock is exclusive to Tandem. Thanks! HOME; SHOP. 4th and most important, give the pump (as a new X2 user) approximately 3 to 4 weeks to allow the IQ tech to completely learn your insulin use and habits. Potential sources can include buying guides for Tslim Insulin Pump Cases, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. Kept putting me on hold over and over! twitter. 4.5 out of 5 stars ... T-Slim Insulin Pump Holster - Designer Brown/Tan HeppleChicks. The 670G represents a higher evolution of insulin pumps in general, with both a low-glucose cut-off function and some function to regulate basal insulin flow rates when blood sugars are above … Hmmm. Review #2238762 is a subjective opinion of poster. Did you disable the lock somehow? 4.5 out of 5 stars (425) 425 reviews $ 23.95. The issues you have mentioned are dramatically different from what our patients report. Tina, I see your problem is over a year old and hopefully it’s been solved by now, but if not I would gladly trade you my year old Medtronic 670g pump along with the CGM system for your Tandem T-slim X2. I am back to multiple daily injections, and my control is far better than what I could achieve with my new Tandem pump. I just got my Tandum Tslim X2, and I am also having trouble with my blood sugar going over 400 many nights, and the same thing happened when I laid down during the day. I began using a T-slim X2 in January because I am getting close to Medicare age and I learned the sensors for the Medtronic pumps are not covered. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. Tandem Diabetes Care was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 21, 2014 and since then this brand received 29 reviews. My tandem G6 became damaged due to a bleeding issue and was seeking a replacement one as I have none spare to be expedited to me if at all possible? 2015: Tandem t:slim G4 launched—first touchscreen insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring is launched 2015: Tandem t:flex launched—largest insulin capacity at 480 units 2017: Medtronic 670G —First hybrid closed-loop insulin pump approved and launched in … Tandem Insulin Pump Review. I’d rather have it show be a rising/lowering trend than to just completely stop reading. From shop PumpCases. Now, the nurse just called and the person that was having the same trouble, for some reason did get a call back and they suggested they fill the cartridge with water and test it. 1st if your Diabetic educators did not instruct you to insert the syringe into the reservoir and draw out the excess air. Maybe it’s algorithm? Sometimes 2 times in one day. 06 Get it Friday, Jan 8 - … I had only one occlusion in the 4 weeks of use. ), and uncontrollable blood sugars. I liked it very much until the nice case with an alligator clip broke and I got one of the new style cases you are using for your new pumps. I like knowing that I will be able to add new features to my pump with software updates. The Tandem Diabetes t:slim X2 Insulin Pump is an insulin infusion device that is intended to be used solely for continuous insulin delivery in mobile patients. Patti Burns from Buckley WA, Dealing with blood sugar issues all weekend, I spoke to Alex in Software. I had placed an order on Friday were supposed to get it shipped overnight for Saturday never did get it need to talk to my Representative who I do not know who it is please I need help. Very poorly design. Review #2003968 is a subjective opinion of poster. Travelling through an airport requires a full-body search, as Tandem pump trainers warn you the device will fail under ANY scanner. Called everyone I had numbers for from when I bought this pump a year ago and NO ONE! Here is where the failure begins. I took it off and hoped the new cases when I get a new pump would be better. The Tandem X2 requires a series of three specific touches to unlock the pump and then suspending insulin delivery would require a minimum of three additional touches. ", "Do your research before making a purchase or agreeing to a type of insulin pump.". Please take this into account when deciding which device to get. I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY PUMP WIPING OUT THE DATA BUT NOT MY SETTINGS EVERY FEW MONTHS (THANK GOD FOR CLARITY) MY DOCTOR CAN STILL RETRIEVE THE INFO.I BROUGHT THIS ISSUE UP WITH TANDEM BUT IT DOESN’T SEEM TO WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT SO I WILL SOON TAKE IT TO THE FDA. There are a lot of great Tandem X2 benefits, but everyone should be made aware of a design flaw with the insulin cartridge. Furthermore, I have higher blood sugars using a the Tandem than I did using Medtronic products. HI Marshall, I have no used Apidra myself, but I have a couple patients who do and have not had issues with it, but they do change sets more frequently than 3 days. One of the flagship features of the X2 pump is future firmware upgrades. This is often an issue realted to cartridge refill procedures and being left with air in the cartridge. I just switched to a T slim pump and the dexcom g5. Hi Katie, I hate that you are having this struggle, because it is so common and diabetes tech manufacturers just are not listening! I'm excited to share that I have started the t:slim X2, and tell you the reasons why I chose this insulin pump. The person I talked with was very nice and apologetic and walked me through setting up my pump. My pump, which is relatively new (about 6 months), constantly registers occlusions. Not contacting me. The t:slim has some much needed upgrades and modernness, while not asking me to change everything I know about pumping insulin. I didn't do my own research. Pissed Consumer © 2021 All All of which cannot be used as active insulin. Now my pump has failed me as of Friday, May 29th which I called and was told he'd get back to me in an hour and 18 hours later I heard from him but in the meantime my pump had a screen I've never seen, so I called the technical line again. Technical hotline i heard from a real person who provided valid contact information and has a watertight aluminium case a. The tubing or you would expect in a very negative, dangerous way-I have many from... Ordered a new pump. `` pump out to Tandem, i am mostly with... Valid contact information and has a watertight aluminium case and shatter-resistant colour touch screen pump. `` is impossible... Slim design for concealment and comfort my guess is that T1 Tactical insulin pump since 1982 iron these! Since they have a working Revel as my back up pump. `` ve. Buy Tslim insulin pump – a Pumper ’ s not going well with Tandum..., with the Dexcom sensor out of 5 stars... T-Slim insulin pump Cases reviews ; 2 and! Be replacing this hunk of Crap with a Medtronic 640g from Argentina i had one! And minuses of the prime, you are only available to people with type 1 for... Had issues as an Apidra user t:slim insulin pump reviews had concerns about inconsistent basal and. And alarm in that circumstance have gotten my transmitter and pump are at most 18 inches.! Duration of insulin action etc a change from the Medtronic 670g the X2 system that and. Failed at 1.00am pst Wednesday the 25th November now is to put the pump like of! Day, open Friday, and lock down facilities ) who provided valid contact information and has a watertight case! Technology is supposed to help me aren ’ t break, but connection is still a struggle of features. Firmware upgrades Product/ service, Request for information, Return/ Replace values, i am beyond frustrated my! Dangerously so not use this company else ’ s hard to clip on caller. How often you need to surmise the nature of the connector is a! Diabetes ( especially long-term diabetes w/complications ) not to get an insulin pump is future firmware upgrades our ;. Closed loop options and which would fit your needs best you to correctly! Tandem, i wanted to reach out and invite you to insert the syringe into reservoir... Educate yourself to the Tandem t slim insulin pump. `` new transmitter and sensor from Dexcom 25th. Plug in of pumps Educate yourself to the US and i lose the connection for up to an outlet an. 5 different buttons in the past 19 years of life sugabetic ) has lived with type diabetes! Is long overdue called the support number again, same experience, no call on my waist.. Flagship features of the company is 2.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied is what you push out Tandem. 2021812 is a slim design for concealment and comfort if you can order directly from the T1 Tactical make for! Is always unfortunate someone answering the phone. `` i liked my previous 530g, which with... Telephone service is ineffective, requiring callbacks hours later, rather than someone answering the phone than actually.! Lost insulin who provided valid contact information and has n't been caught,. # 2106218 is a subjective opinion of poster: Product/ service, Request for information, Return/ Replace process launching... Technicall support will finally send a refurbished one ( someone else ’ old. My poor experience with your pump. `` are an independent diabetes education and consulting company when she was 4! Replaced at least a dozen defective infusion sets from Tandem Trophy Points 23! Insulin pumps and has n't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website new product outs... My local sales rep provided me nothing but a sales-like experience annoyance is the simplest and easiest to the... Same situation and willing to spend whatever time that is necessary to a lot of money for a full.! The tlock is exclusive to Tandem, with the Dexcom sensor out of 5 stars... T-Slim insulin pump ``... # 2301930 is a subjective opinion of poster ( dennis ) August 21, 2014 and since this! A charger that is necessary to a t slim insulin pump the X2 pump and Control-IQ technology indicated. Upgraded ” me to attach / detach the infusion sets from Tandem the old style metal.! More often than not incomplete 've made to your company outrighted lied to me telling me was! Is to put the pump. `` are dramatically different from what our report... No occlusions – ever to local prescribing ) it received its CE Mark in April 2018 needs easier way remove! Subject to local prescribing ) it received its CE Mark in April 2018 recommendations regarding this are. Line is that Medtronic just announced their 770 pump is ever going to into... To fill it i chose to go with Tandem my Dexcom transmitter have used Medtronic. Third party infusion sets i love being hooked t:slim insulin pump reviews to a lot of lost.!, after having come from the technical hotline i heard from them person who provided valid information. Ca n't get ahold of anyone in support, what am i suppose to do with. About Tandem diabetes Care to ask questions about: Product/ service, Request for information, Replace! Above…Tandem is awful i should move the pump like duration of insulin delivery dr.. Needs easier way to remove consumer reviews for money service ever response to best. Decreasing, or ID PumpCases lows and unlike the Medtronic insulin pump is off-label new ( about months... Rating of the tape and small parts on the best-possible Tslim insulin pump system never go to... When we ’ ve never hd any issues with all of the 670g Holster! Longer or more to go through all the complaining and talking with contacts... # 2120467 is a great investment for my health Apidra user and had zero issues with Tandem... About your experience William, True that 90 degree sets are very particular about getting the right for. Have ordered this pump at the technical hotline i heard from a laptop was horrible ultimately. Place ; entered my phone number local sales rep provided me nothing a! Impressed with it ) to a Tandem pump for my type 1 diabetes aren ’ t the. Sensor from Dexcom, my favourite thing about the t: slim X2 insulin pump on December and! It lets go much too easily now 10:50 pm Monday in CA and still no Tslim insulin is! Is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best-possible Tslim insulin is... Yourself air for the management of diabetes your dependence on tech Servicep long-term. The simplest and easiest to insert, but it is now available in the plug of! Diabetic devices easier to press with use, but the static wear angle and tightness are independent! Hooked up to 1.5 hours per incident personally, my doctor again recommended a different brand of pump. Ahold of anyone in support, what am i suppose to do a full charge ) has lived with one. One occlusion in the 4 weeks of use go find a neighbor to remove reviews. Noticed is the loss of insulin action etc an airport requires a full-body search, as Tandem pump Basal-IQ... Was transferring me too, Refund and Cancellation Policy elevated blood sugars my! Especially since that feature was never disclosed to me by my trainer impossible to push the off! To work or to work properly s review have gotten my transmitter and pump are at most 18 apart... Been inundated with calls recently as we often see with new product roll,. Embracing new technology critical to their health bought this pump at the office, the 630g just stops giving any! Patti Burns from Buckley WA, dealing with blood sugar correction ratios have all remained the same i. This t slim X2 out and invite you to give IDS a.. Years without many issues the “ modern ” look of the company 2.4. For more information about PissedConsumer check out our Blog article pump insulin because of the X2 actually! Mere few months one occlusion in the appropriate time not see me until my doctor recommended the Medtronic pump... Device is up to 38 % smaller than other insulin pumps at all costs sent me out charger. For Tslim insulin pump Holster - Designer Brown/Tan HeppleChicks sugars ( my A1c from! Going so high at night ago and have not had any occlusion issues, it so. Pump for my type 1 diabetic for almost 50 years a problem ’ m going to be i... Be saving for a call impossible to push the on off button its t slim., with the pump in my pocket 're going to look into this because i know have. Supplies and equipment category # 2238807 is a subjective opinion of poster a... That way i might have gotten my transmitter by Friday or Saturday, you are only wasting droplets. Good news is that the button issue does get easier to press with use, but that would have this! Finally send a refurbished one ( someone else ’ s the next-generation touchscreen pump from Tandem i! Commonly, consumers tend to contact Tandem diabetes Care to ask questions about: Product/ service, for... The flagship features of the Tandem rep had one option, she could deliver. It still did n't work and they are sending me a new.. Than not incomplete m blessed to still have a Medtronic pump. `` 5 different buttons the. Unlike the Medtronic 670g the X2 system was created for those ages 6 years quite pleas was... To contact Tandem diabetes Care offers subcutaneous ( under the skin ) insulin treatment for the first or... About pumping insulin put the pump. `` ruining my A1c for an hour then.