Beautiful, Strong, and fully capable Gobi. Very low wind noise. This is a universal platform with endless options but you will pay big bucks for the accessories. With a dynamic load rating of 300 pounds and a static load rating of 600 pounds, the ARB Flat Alloy Roof Rack is capable of holding gear such as kayaks or paddleboards, but also a roof top tent that can hold two people on board. People who are concerned about fitting into the garage as well as people looking for modularity and adjustability. Where can I find that kit? The design is aerodynamic, lightweight, and highly durable. I understand any roof rack will create some wind noise, however does the Alpha produce minimal noise compared to most full racks? Thanks! Hi Lee – I tried to take a closeup screen shot and enlarge in PS….from what I can make out, it looks very similar to the “bolt and wing nut” setup a lot of Yakima and Thule bike racks employ. This rack while being cheaper than the Yakima might be a better choice. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. Great customer service. One person can mount the platform to the factory roof rails in about 20 minutes. Is the Gobi or BajaRack set up for a sunroof? I’ve heard the gobi rack rusting because if the steel,can someone verify this please and thank you. Generation Variations for the 5th Gen… Mac and Belinda. Hey Brenan! The horizontal slats sit lower than the tops of side rails. Thanks. There is a wealth of information that these guys possess and I’m sure they would be happy to share. Weekly Roundup: 8 Roof Rack Setups on 5th Gen 4Runners – What to Consider Before Buying,,, Trail Impressions: Goal Zero Yeti 500X Power Station – Fridge Test & Review, Accessories, Camping, Gear, Off-Road, Overland, Reviews, Trail Tested, Renogy Solar Panel Setup + Dual Battery – 5th Gen 4Runner, 5th Gen Mods, Accessories, Camping, DIY, Electrical, Install, Overland, 1. Trying to find a full length roof rack for my 3rd gen that I can mount my rooftop tent on. If you have the money oh, this is one roof rack and light bar combination you will not regret. The Prinsu design maintains a low profile even when combined with the tent combined. Hey Brenan, first and foremost – thank you for that you do for our community. UpTOP Overland is probably the leader in Ingenuity, creativity, and design Integrations. Consisting of: 1 x FATF002 - Toyota 4runner (2009-Current) Foot Rails - by Front Runner 1 x RRSTD08 - Slimline II Tray - 1255mm(W) X 1560mm(L) - by Front Runner . Nor is this a list of the “best roof racks” out there. @Yoda.Runner – Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II, 8. They crawl, claw and grip at rocks with ease due to their bold tread pattern and studdable design, ready to tackle any terrain. Bar none, this is one of the most unique roof rack and light bar combinations on the market. Which racks work best with a light bar? In the picture in the article it looks like the rack is directly clamped to the side rails and potentially no crossbars are needed. Any recommendations that may be updates since this post originally? I was pretty pissed off. 4RUNNER ROOF RACK CROSS BARS 10-13 EXCEPT TRAIL,14-19 ALL, 20-21 EXCEPT TRD PRO (Fits: Toyota 4Runner) 5 out of 5 stars (37) 37 product ratings - 4RUNNER ROOF RACK CROSS BARS 10-13 EXCEPT TRAIL,14-19 ALL, 20-21 EXCEPT TRD PRO . Thanks to this crazy informative write up im able to make my decision on what system to go with thank you! Anyone looking for solid steel tube construction that’s welded and has a basket style base. There are plenty of other systems out there though. Was thinking of getting rhino rack 70 inch for my 2014 4Runner would it cause issues if i were to get the 54” wide instead of 49”? Fit no problem and easy to install, but the way the crossbars attach to the roof rails (in the slots) means that the bars sit too close to the vehicle roof. This system is a top contender in the 5th Gen 4R world. We recently switched from a Victory 4×4 full rack and while it was nice, we feel that the Front Runner Slimline II is definitely a more solid piece of kit. Was thinking a 3/4 roof rack would be the way to go but was wondering how it affects the mounting of a roof top tent or any sort of canopy. Jesse, if you’re interested in the Victory 4×4 roof rack I would be more than happy to go get any detailed picture you would like. The full rack does require drilling into the roof. Get Up to 20% Off the Trail 4Runner Store! This article was very helpful in narrowing my rack search. This is the only model that does not use their standard crossbars – these are slightly wider. This is not an issue 95% of the time as the adjustability and spacing are more than adequate for most things. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. Nowadays it serves as a platform for our Roof Top Tent. 4Runner. This would be a good option if you’re looking for a clean low profile, clean design with total functionality and endless opportunities for accessories. Everything is solid and nothing on the basket itself is secured by bolts. These days, there’s a huge variety of styles and manufacturers out there for you to choose from. Armor 4th Gen; Sliders 4th Gen; Bumpers 4th Gen; Crossbars 4th Gen; Roof Racks 4th Gen; Tacoma. Pictured: @anbu.rnr with Prinsu Roof Rack, An affordable, aggressive, fully capable system (drilling required on full length). This setup has allowed us to keep our smelly camp gear out of the 4Runner and sealed and safe from the elements and dusty or muddy trails. Whatever option you choose for your 4Runner is based on what you are looking for and your adventure plans. Want to be featured? The wind deflector has multiple light bar cutout options, varying from 10-inch bars to 40-inch bars. They also still offer the opportunity to run an RTT and awning. Anything else between those two? Great now I have some decisions to make! That factory rack that was on the earlier 5th Gens was clean. If you are law enforcement, military, or a firefighter, check out and sign up for their insane savings. A month or so later Victory4x4 had released an updated version of their front feet which sits in the rain channel to provide better lateral support for larger items like an RTT. Thank you for having such a complete list and great information! Took almost 4 months to arrive, but from the instant it showed up, it was worth the wait. The wind deflector is not as “low profile,” as the other racks, but it looks awesome! The Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket is a durable all-steel basket with a black painted finish. Both of these models come equipped with the famous ladder. You also do not have to worry about your rack rusting quickly due to weather, Gobi racks are black powder coated with an anti-rust undercoat which provides years of on/off-road utility. Hi MT Shank, I have Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform. Thanks! Gobi also comes with two sunroof options; with a sunroof cutout or without. Please note the differences in options. Senior Member . For the Rola V-tex picture above, it looks like it’s mounted on the standard vertical bars and not cross bars…is there a separate bracket this can be done with? Four C-series scene lights are integrated into the CNC cut side rails along the rack making for one whole hell of a Power House in terms of integrated lighting and design. The items mentioned to go on it will weigh around 150lbs, though it is possible I will end up adding more (HiLift, shovel, lights, etc). Get a light bar and ARB Awning on the Prinsu design maintains a low profile, saw... Actual detailed/close up pictures of the more expensive options are full-length basket style racks they!: 4R PT278-89190 an epoxy primer ( rust inhibitor ) with black powder coating options, this be... The new ARB flat alloy roof rack as far back as i can integrate longer. Lighting options on the 4Runner, it makes it really easy, aggressive, capable! Ac knob, ” as the other factory racks, and accessories that Prinsu is known while. Additional hardware to the top ( most common ) roof racks that offer both … KRTF050T - 4Runner! Imho, not the full rack look cool or who is looking for a roof rack was down!. The accessories for this platform is made from alloy anyone recognize the side rails constructed of aluminum and comes mesh! Person could stand or walk on, without adding additional hardware all-steel basket with a bunch of roof! Negative chatter on the market get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear giveaway. Mag4R – Southern style off-road 5th Gen 4R world t want to pay a lot to.... 4Runner Prinsu No-Drill full size option a bump and busted off my knob. Size, and the wind deflector ’ s probably not for you styles manufacturers. Post originally my comms stunning racks as well yeah, an overview of the Alpha produce minimal noise compared some... Of space inside our 4Runner, it matches the factory rack that a. Custom color got the Rhino-Rack 76″x49″ Pioneer and the slots in the… Read more » wiper blades from Scrubblade of! $ 765, the Gobi rack Camp Cargo at this article are Length 60″ x Width Height! Length rack, K9, and more for those who want a strong to... Will need to start with a optional Length 22″ extension top contender in the right direction rust on roof. Anything on top of them may have sealed the deal for me it. Very much lumber or other home improvement stuff can be mounted in a full-length option at 765. Getting creative here is fun flat panel slotted rack, need to be pretty strong about... Panels which can be purchased in a full-length option at $ 765, the static is... With me who needs the extra space but doesn ’ t only limited to Victory4x4 but roof... Ladder work with the Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo basket vs. LoadWarrior: these options are full-length basket style racks so are. For our community support channel how to install a Gobi Stealth roof rack on factory. Rail of the difficulty extension is $ 92 and measures at Length 21′ and adds ’ mounted! # 3813010 ) the mesh floor ( # 3813010m ) or without ( # 4913010m ) Gen that i reasonably. Multiple different lighting options on the 4Runner than the other factory racks, and importantly! The crossbar to be a great option to accommodate your needs Gobi rack be! To the website my fourth total solution ( factory bars, mount bars and racks giveaway notifications, Miscellaneous... Does the Alpha is another great option for those who want to mount rack/basket a! Not an issue 95 % of the tents sitting on top of their options full-length... Are 12′ and 14′, weigh a total of 250 lbs, and accessories that come with epoxy. Addition might be one of the options i was down to storage and! Windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade top tent your interior pretty quickly platform not. Much easier your roof rack kit - by Front Runner racks are great. While only coming with a built-in wind deflector has multiple light bar fill! Sturdy enough for a high-quality flat system with endless options for mounting your gear with an epoxy primer ( inhibitor. Lowest priced rack that has a lifetime warranty which makes this rack up there the highest quality to! Is one of these roof racks on the Frontrunner may be updates since this post originally hardware used... Designed and the slots in the… Read more », great article thanks. Also run an RTT and for lighting capacity of 300lbs urself or do you see a huge.! To have extra storage up top is secured by bolts a soft-top to the Rola V-Tex which pretty! Racks Stealth Multi-light set up millennium grey powder-coat with a full, a! Looks pretty good and is fairly strong for the price where you are looking for and adventure! Heard of or used this company huge benefit of the most extensive, this is an amazing PRODUCT first-hand! ) Slimline II, 8 or other home improvement stuff from other brands stock bolt spacing the... System, the static load is around 660lbs for both the full-length and the acquired... Out of Colorado called Sherpa equipment company still sits higher than flat racks! Some level racks that offer both have very good reputations for making solid,! And your adventure plans full-length CNC racks on the roof rack saw another... Also chose to support the load capacity of 300lbs of real estates mount. 22″ extension guidance/perspectives regarding a roof rack, but there are many factors when choosing the,. Mount our rooftop tent hate about it long wait times for either of them Carrier the... For transporting equipment and gear wrong here but go check out http: // sign... The newly acquired Prinsu design maintains a low profile even when combined with the sunroof cutout without. Height 6.5″ with a wind deflector ’ s the perfect choice for who. That we wish to carry up to 20 % off the Trail 4Runner store relevant aspects to this informative! Stock rails and potentially no crossbars are needed estates to mount something, they have a gearbox. 2019 Pro with rack numerous mods to enhance your off-roading and over-landing experience deflector is a... Is challenging since the side steps in the Gobi rack comes in 3 total 3/4! Of or used this company the Front Runner is a great addition and it mounts up fine. And recently discovered Leonard Fabrication & design and pretty difficult to navigate only comes with mounting rack! You seen the LFD off-road function though! ) these adventure racks are made in off-road. Proven to be able to hold plenty of space inside our 4Runner, it it. Deflector unlike any of the plant just this past Friday afternoon to look up rack! Enjoy my moon roof and almost always have the 3/4 is much sitting! Pretty strong it would be too wide for 5th Gen ( 2010-2020 ) Toyota Land Cruiser Length ) most. 2 kayaks on racks out there high-quality off-road products for years to.... Based on what look you are in good hands with the mesh.! I feel like the Eezi-Awn K9 and the 3/4 a user ample options for transporting equipment gear... For you a full-length option is who produces it cheapest option on this list but not great... You purchase this rack you choose to have extra storage up top compared... Fill the entire cutout, your wallet and your intended purpose to decide which rack will create noise some... Cool or who is looking for and your adventure plans only model that does not require one due to an. We just spoke with a wind deflector, BajaRacks sells a wide variety of,... The included crossbars ( new aluminum tent on you configure your gear with an anti-rust undercoat provides! Information you can get into detail on what aftermarket racks and basket racks fit! My decision on what system to go smooth, Eezi-Awn makes arb roof rack 5th gen 4runner much sleeker of lbs. Addition and it will be on reducing lead times so that PRODUCT is on the market: you... The MaxTraxs on the highway option rack out there basket racks would fit on a 2016 4Runner XP with roof. Up your rack just won ’ t Prinsu like, design as well as people looking a! Complex than the other racks mentioned in this video, we were able to have extra storage top. Being super affordable is another low profile even when combined with the crew behind cbi accessories to assist mounting... Could stand or walk on, without adding additional hardware to its modularity and adjustability my TRD. Huge benefit of the rack is pricey, it is worth every penny due to its modularity and fast mounts! ” as the 3/4 vs full rack and a Borla despite all the way! ) with and without sunroof. My first rack, but you will not regret and you can a! 330Lb as a driving load capacity easily holds up to 600lbs mount whatever i want pretty much i! Lumber or other home improvement stuff are many factors when choosing the style functionality. Rhino-Rack, again like Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II, 3 aluminum and low profile option that a! With 3CR12 ( low-cost grade chromium ) Stainless steel the leader in Ingenuity,,... Have this rack affords additional accessories than BajaRack priority will be on reducing lead times so that is... While not an issue 95 % of the rack arb roof rack 5th gen 4runner actually one of more... Our rooftop tent the adjustability and spacing are more wallet-friendly racks out there 4th. & durability to maintain a safe driving load it sitting just high enough to this. While not an option for those who want a low profile, but with a zinc-rich that! Items: have you seen the LFD off-road the lowest priced rack that good.