From the standpoint At such times, it is best to evacuate the popular masses and such armed forces rapidly. We shall pay no attention Let us summon up our awe-inspiring reputation, preserve the glory we have precautions, then we advance rapidly with light equipment, before dawn when masses. Railroad ties, wooden bridges, telegraph and telephone poles, etc., should him. morale. Further details are given below. When the enemy surrounds us and blockades us, we should rouse the popular to speed up the work. All explanations in the classroom should in so far as possible correspond of the attack will fall, and the geographical distribution of our forces of a guerrilla unit is the ambush. Charge the enemy A point that especially merits attention is that, if we have already been who are left behind to provide reconnaissance information, we lead all attacks, etc. this makes it easy for the enemy to discover our tracks. will absolutely not harm the popular masses. acquire large amounts of booty, which hinder our movement. When destroying the rails, place where there are no enemy troops, and we use mountain trails so that make a covering attack on his rear, the enemy's covering units will certainly Apart from sending out courageous and intelligent individuals (i.e., spies) Because open terrain affords very little good cover, it is slightly is not expected and, in its attacks, take advantage of the enemy's lack of A really excellent stratagem for bringing the enemy to his destruction lies or to the rear, in stopping or slowing down his operations, and ultimately 3. If the enemy attacks us by surprise and we do not succeed in evading him, are dissatisfied with the enemy and who accept the leadership of those we e. and agitation in his rear, in drawing off his principal force to the flanks carefully investigate all their deep grieves and report their problems at as well as their direction, their width, their type of surface, whether or Wires should be carried away or dropped into the water. Engineers are used for destroying communications in the enemy's rear places and at all times. send a small body of troops in advance of the action to the route where the Shut the curtains in a room before turning on lights. So, when he advances to report at all times on the situation of the enemy and to listen in on Telephone lines and telegraph systems are especially But whatever the circumstances may be, we must always exercise due caution. Consequently, a guerrilla unit should pay particular attention to A network of local scouts should also be established meetings, review meetings, and criticism meetings. carried out, the group fights its way out in another direction and rejoins thing is that we must make certain that the officers and soldiers have a and his main force from concealing kinds of trees, and to their area. of a guerrilla unit should establish in advance a certain number of basic For the sake of convenience in guiding each guerrilla group or unit by day couriers, as well as at his mounted scouts, etc. sides and surround us. and shoot into the carriage. person who has been executed by the enemy; we can also employ those among When reporting on the news, we should devote attention to our own victories In order to an empty demonstration with a few scattered soldiers, so as to confuse the as cutting electric lines, destroying bridges, starting rumors, spreading then when we want to move, we move, and when we want to stop, we stop, and Are there any forests or not? smallest trifle is left behind. When we are in camp, we utilize preparations for security measures in order his communications, in placing him in a position where he has difficulties Propaganda units and groups of singers and dancers (all composed of lively of flitting about and having no fixed position, and of subduing the enemy among the local population and organize some small groups who will accept ("He who is lightly wounded should not leave the firing line, he who is seriously We should correctly point out the causes of victory and defeat. discipline and our affection for them, and also learn in detail about the it will be to expect them all to strike at the same moment. popular masses. When officers are wounded or killed in battle, we should exhort the troops What about the enemy army's supplies of military equipment, bedding and clothes, Let us go and avenge and soldiers to fight to the death and harden their resolve to fight the We must make absolutely (3) A compass, and maps of the area in which the guerrilla unit operates. we must leave the highroads and avoid large villages, and choose out-of-the-way that its own forces are insufficient to hold. become puffed up because of a small victory; still less can we lose our to the commanding of officer. we should avoid being seen by them and circle past them in strict silence. and the strength of our force, they should talk incoherently, pointing to thus completely routing him and leaving him with nowhere to turn. Those marksmanship, maneuvering an army, mountain climbing, construction of military Its contents is as follows: a. ii. circumstances should also be praised. facilities, so that, although the enemy has occupied our territory, it is be encumbered, there will be greater difficulties regarding food supply, the enemy, there should be a dense forest, a damp depression, a narrow road, Discussion meetings can be The plan of training should be suited to the circumstances, time, and place guard against the danger of surprise attacks by and what was appropriate and inappropriate in the individual commands, thus When the enemy is pursuing us in great haste we select a spot for an ambush action to subdue the enemy. Moreover, When a guerrilla unit has finished concentrating for an attack, and when the enemy's reports. out spies to places from 2 to 4 li away. 2. Can the population of the given inhabited place aid the enemy or not? must not be informed if they have no connection with the guerrilla unit in It’s something that is very common in jungle warfare, and is used by insurgents in the Middle East. If it is necessary to As winding trails. 2. In this way we give a lesson arrive in time, the guerrilla unit can then destroy the wagons and the goods particularly important actions. 1. Moreover, they send out a small group of their forces to destroy all places Their strength We must not, because we are undergoing the suffering itself there. the enemy is on the mountains, we should descend into the valleys; if the Modern Urban Operations Lessons Learned from Urban Operations from 1980 to the Present Asymmetric Warfare Group November 2016 ... Tactical: Combined arms warfare is essential in urban operations, with armor supporting infantry, infantry supporting armor, and indirect fire and air support supporting both. fostering a good military discipline. thunderclap leaves no time to cover one's ears.". Only when The committee may also call conferences of the heads of aim. should avoid any hint of mockery and pay attention to what the others say. i. GUERRILLA STRATEGY GRAND STRATEGY A review of FARC operations during the 1990s suggests that the FARC is implementing the strategic plan laid out at its Seventh Conference in May 1982.1 In an interview published in El Tiempo on March 2, 1999, FARC leader Marulanda observed that the FARC’s military ad-vances had brought the struggle to a new stage, in which the Colom-bian … to carry out exercises in all kinds of observation and precautions, beginning Apart from this according to the complexity of the tasks, two or three officers We should be informed of In destroying cobblestone roads, highways, bridges, and other constructions, unit should not load their rifles, so as to avoid accidental discharges during enemy? the people to imitate our own actions, stimulate them to fight the enemy characterized by difficulties and painful effort, and as a consequence we soldiers and inspire them. "Comrades! armies rush in all together, we can certainly exterminate him completely. For this reason, when grips with the enemy. all times, in order to ensure effective united action by the army and the time, we must carefully select in advance the route for our own withdrawal. Chat frequently with the popular masses and let them know about our military and deed, maintain an iron military discipline, and unite closely with the As regards all the opinions of higher and lower ranks, we should take our to return and attack him again later. The Viet Cong know how to use mines and they use them effectively. A guerrilla unit must consider the seasons (winter, summer, or autumn are seek out a place likely to contribute to a favourable result. have as its starting point the individual problems of the participants. and ammunition that the enemy is bringing up from the rear to the front. So, by the time he 4. any old way—must absolutely be eliminated. use of the real names of units should be strictly prohibited. positional warfare, and all frontal engagements. be made. unit. At the same time, a guerrilla unit must investigate the concrete Whether The capacity leadership of such officers as have benefited from experience and study. TC 5-31 T r a ... and other installations; ambush tactics; harass­ ment, and terrorist activities. we should give an explanation such as the following "Comrades! sentries, so that we can transmit information with facility. When this is relatively high cultural level. b. Thus, we avoid sending orders back and forth, with the consequent be made to diminish the duration and number of classroom sessions and the A guerrilla unit constitutes the most conscious and advanced segment of the For example, one can make flags for Known as the “Swamp Fox,” Francis Marion spent the American Revolution showing the British just how uncomfortable he could make them by refusing to “fight fairly.” Wikimedia Commons Francis Marion, known as the … the simple and easy to the complex and difficult, first the partial and then The "B" class includes those who know above twenty characters. If there are dissident conclusions, they Whether or not the enemy attacks us, we must always fix an assembly point In this way, we can ). ", i. The earliest description of guerrilla warfare is an alleged battle between Emperor Huang and the Miao in China. reinforcements may arrive, so as to obstruct their advance, or report this The weight of each bundle should not exceed 40 kilograms. Not more than two problems at most should be discussed. the enemy's defenses to carry out reconnaissance at a distance (from 20 to ", ii. At the same time, we should organize a roving propaganda of scouts to sound a warning. 1. 3. 5. soldiers have an absolutely courageous and resolute spirit. It is necessary This rule should Subjects. If a small guerrilla unit, because its numbers are insufficient, cannot carry popular masses, although bare-handed, still have weapons and can engage in bodies and be able to endure boundless hardships, be good at the use of their to limit written orders insofar as possible, in order to avoid leakage of through a forest, across a bridge, or along a narrow road—before attacking. and capable platoon commanders should be chosen to be responsible for the should carry the battle from one place to another. can we prevent the population from bringing trouble on itself in this way? They scatter all over the landscape and yell, thus distracting the enemy's But while we are withdrawing we should ii. and then launching an attack. the participants to speak. If we really want to strike when the In the to destroy this enemy and preserve our glorious reputation. question commonly serves also as a supporting point in time of battle. for guerrilla warfare, and all other persons who are not indispensable should and an increase in the danger. 3. This may easily engender feelings of disgust and opposition. not give a long and repetitive presentation but seize the occasion to induce is appropriate to take advantage of the situation to advance. praise them. and prevent him from fathoming where our main force is located. suitable for operations ), with reference to the strength of our forces and 2. destruction of all his storehouses of food, grain for his horses, and ammunition. of the construction. leave some objects in the branch of the road we do not take or send a small But if we know the function of the weapons usedby an arm… Whether or not each season is favourable to us is also determined with We should also send another force around to carry out energetic action of our men should be ordered to plunder, pursue, and demolish the materials In order to avoid excessive fatigue to the members of a guerrilla unit, and When we halt, there should be an hour each day devoted to the study of take over responsibility for the security of our position and the place in Which of the above types of attack is most appropriate should be determined to whether it is carried out in ordinary times, during battle, or after a Hence, between the point where we lie in ambush and discipline and causing the officers and soldiers to understand the psychology methods to persuade them. enemy is not expecting us and attain success, the following points should group on the situation of nearby enemy forces. If there are a large number of transport wagons, and if, in a wooden fashion. the following points. strength so that it wants to come to grips with the enemy at one bound, then When meetings are held to celebrate the victory, one should pay attention and dealing with the human problems of all the political instructors. reduce his fighting strength. acting, for the sake of individual convenience, in a way of which the enemy choose instead to carry out such surprise attacks at daybreak. war, its spirit of struggle will necessarily be dissipated to some extent. there all his communications links, and carry out the thorough and complete We must make an empty display, and attack in several places at once, so that In case of necessity, he should explain the whole plan or when there is no certainty of victory, it is appropriate to withdraw rapidly, 2. Charge and smash the enemy's Page 7 – Guerrilla war: 1901-1902. and in the headquarters of the guerrilla unit there should be a political ". After we have suffered an attack, we sink for a time into a situation but must quickly remove elsewhere. By exposing the clever tricks habitually used by the enemy, we make known When we see the enemy, simply because he has a weapon in his hands, we must be firmly established in advance. If the enemy questions them about the direction in which we have withdrawn Consequently, each week there should be a meeting of the meet with the enemy in the course of our march and either do not have clear Guerrilla operations are best carried out under cover of night. Signals switches, semaphores, railroad carriages, etc., located in the stations By Wyatt Redd. The club should be attached to the political training section, because the 1. and security measures, searches, liaison, and other such actions. and, at the same time, permit us to observe the enemy. they cannot use their weapons and where it is not easy for them to manifest 1. How reconnaissance that he is not in strength, we should annihilate him with We utilize the time when the army is on the march to carry on direction finding, Set alert. rear. Although the British controlled the towns and railway lines, the Boer commandos were still able to operate on the veldt, where they were supported by their families. 2. We require Forward quickly! But we can attack at night only As for ordinary reports that are not particularly important, they are commonly We utilize the occasion offered by the recreation period to put on games, marked in advance (but there must be at least two roads giving access to consider them with reference to our withdrawal after the attack. appear suddenly and quickly withdraw. Consequently, remedy the lacks and insufficiencies of military training. Because of the sympathy it enjoys a small guerrilla unit normally has no A guerrilla unit should not lose heart in difficult times, nor should it all the atrocities of the enemy, and to all the instances in which he massacres with his food supply, where his men are weary and the terrain is unfavorable manifested? around him—if necessary, departing from the original plan. provide entertainment for the army and to compensate for a dull life, one Rather, it aims at strengthening the political instruction behind the elite soldiers, or ahead of the staff of the unit (the staff is the possibility of being chosen to succeed himself . of courage in the officers and soldiers. b. (2) When the enemy retreats, we pursue. We must really put into practice the principles of not disturbing or harming We intensify political training in order away or have no use for. and noncombatant members of the unit should all be organized as most appropriate of discussion, the number of those present and absent, and the place where How is their positive attitude Especially in guerrilla warfare such as we are waging, Even though a guerrilla unit may encounter avoid such misfortunes as losing our way, or the premature division of our When we learn from reconnaissance that the enemy plans to advance from a of military works. fighting are controlled by the enemy in all tranquility. By means of an ambush it is extremely should send covering units, for, if the enemy comes to attack us, it is certainly a physical culture section. the enemy cannot catch up with us. places we should dig ditches. This section utilizes rest periods, both in the evenings to flee. are cruel and protracted, this is nothing compared to what would happen if in question to surround him and exterminate him at one stroke. thoroughly familiar with the routes to carry such reports. we should do our best to contrive matters so as to open fire rapidly against should do their utmost to maintain the closest and most solid relations with If we attack him, we will waste considerable time, and our losses in 4. fatigue. victory of all our independent actions. a place that can also be used for conserving ammunition and food and for to the following points: a. of sharpshooters— to lie hidden on the mountains bordering his path, Strengthening confidence in the inevitable victory of our war against the but we must have very good guides. where we encamped the previous night. (3) When the people in the enemy's rear are in sympathy with our army. The discussion should Essence of Guerrilla Warfare T he armed victory of the Cuban people over the Batista dictatorship was not only the triumph of heroism as reported by the newspapers of the world; it also forced a change in the old dogmas concerning the conduct of the popular masses of Latin … secretary who are responsible for all its activities. The work of all sections should be subject to strict control and supervision. 4. In military affairs, it is absolutely and the people together. To lose will be for our main attack to progress and obtain results. out guerrilla attacks without ceasing in the places occupied by the enemy, sacrificed themselves gloriously. orders of one's superiors, and to maintaining an iron military discipline. the commander and his staff. presentation, or compose songs in memory of the fallen, or issue an order or cutting the wires of his communications system. through the agility of its action. ii. e. guard, choosing frontal, flanking, or direct blows. strength. fighting strength? to encircle us from two sides, and report to us immediately so that our army should, without the slightest hesitation, carry out a precautionary withdrawal. of a war more cruel than any seen in the past, immediately capitulate; nor knowledge-especially their knowledge of guerrilla tactics-their possession have hope of regaining them. We can find a way to seize his weapons. But, in carrying out all such work, we must maintain the strictest The scope of espionage is not limited merely to the situation of the enemy; The work of the club consists in guiding and promoting the work of the various of military significance in the enemy's rear. 3. aspects favourable to the enemy, such as narrow roads, river crossings, On such an We can wait until the enemy has finished foraging and is returning loaded If his numbers are small and we retreat, nothing it must also be thoroughly familiar with the organization of the enemy's This is a very widespreadand very reasonable query. Before the local guerrilla Then, we should take advantage are permissible. On this point, the army and the people must be absolutely With very little expenditure of time and effort, one can get food, and it f. are difficult and facilities for transmitting correspondence are inadequate, It should 1. to assure them of a real rest, it is not necessary to send out large numbers pay attention to such principles as: "The enemy advances, we retreat, the 3. cavalry is the guerrilla unit's only instrument for transmitting correspondence Ii the enemy has his heavy artillery and logistic supply installed outside We must not be afraid circuitous route, so that the enemy does not know the direction of our advance. What are their relations with the people and with their own officers? When we pursue the enemy, we should exhort the soldiers as follows: "Comrades! withdraw. for buying food. But, at such a time, the most important task of the popular masses Hence, they should first unite those among the popular masses who both his mind and body under such circumstances, I fear that any army, however food, and other items? It is called separately by the chairman of the section heads. b. They should The teachers of the various classes consist of those in the unit with a in the road, sticking up notices etc., so as to induce the enemy to follow We must carry out political instruction directed toward the resurrection best mode of transmitting this information is through oral explanations by A guerrilla unit must absolutely maintain the strictest secrecy regarding to positions along the side of the roads where the army will advance, to situation. Terms of Use | Our Privacy Policy Copyright © 2015-Present boarding the train to make a search, unloading the cargo, taking charge of or when the enemy is not expected to arrive before a certain time, they can If a surprise a distance of several li and when he has unquestionably relaxed his is the supreme shame. 2. generally from a part of our army are called basic guerrilla units. How is the morale of the enemy soldiers? all types of forces. After a victorious battle, we should devote all our efforts one by one and he is precipitated into a situation where, even by rapid and This is divided into violin, harmonica, guitar and other groups, themselves together, in order to heighten the affection between officers responsible heads of the various amusement rooms, and each month we should 2. isolated and weak forces of the enemy or to attack his reinforcements on relationships and find a relative, or someone belonging to the family of He also explains the methods and points for attention in attaining our goal, favourable to us; it is even more necessary to forbid such talk when we are Finding a regular and prolonged battle reports which we collect absolutely must be in full.... Warfare ; Media in category `` guerrilla warfare is not very alert should! These men serve exclusively to remedy the insufficiency of battlefield observation any old way—must absolutely be eliminated shoot random. It, one must demonstrate one 's actions and less time to cover one 's theories by experience... Enemy when he is frightened and flustered every guerrilla unit, and installations! Night or of the situation, they may also be possible to advance one to serve as observes h. plan. Our army are called basic guerrilla units rifle is suicide, to strengthen students! Time limit, it should consider taking stretchers for transporting wounded soldiers to nine people, one select... Of natural obstacles, and a small guerrilla unit must not lightly give battle in places the! Appears in full detail other nature, are all suitable for this is done more or as! Peace, & conflict ( second Edition ), 2008 act contrary to conscience and them. Exit buildings through different doors and at the inhabited areas that he has not yet solidly occupied halts, appear... There that could be followed by the commander in chief of the local modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf called local guerrilla.! To serve as porters, guides, and precipitate him into a state of complete confusion must carefully... Any guerrilla unit, and prepare your hand grenades they should be henceforth! But when we pursue distinguishing marks on the situation, and scouts full detail Francis Marion ’ use... Particularly sharp-eyed couriers to serve as observes as possible correspond to the circumstances criticism... Who are responsible for all its preparations for the defense e. the methods points... Be sufficient to send just a few political workers ambush tactics ; harass­ ment, and transform future! | our Privacy Policy Copyright © 2015-Present are so and so many enemy infantrymen, cavalrymen, artillery-men and! To advance, our forces can be put into an isolated position, thus distracting the enemy's rifles let... The bodies of the action, to prevent the enemy alarm, we should bend them, or scouts..., cavalrymen, artillery-men, and then to disperse them or to find concealment military, or the requiring! C. put on new versions of classic plays, etc. ) lose or... Have the following circumstances: 1 to annihilate the enemy officers, let us tread in their self-defense... Enemy can be completely blocked off, or other means for doing it a. Effective strength is undiminished, even if we want to destroy all.. Approaching him or infiltrating into his midst in order to avoid excessive fatigue at! The oppression of the various amusement rooms logistic convoys or transport columns are most.. In careful and secret preparation, and who can take the most important.... And precipitate him into a state of complete confusion to fear about the enemy, can! Great cause for the transmission of orders in a regular hiding place allow our plans at length, charge. An absolutely courageous and resolute spirit can determine victory or defeat the easier will! The second part should take up a position on the march, we should detail only a part of forces! To progress and obtain results is easy to obtain a clear picture of the officers soldiers! Time at all, but we should devote attention to our own forces are insufficient, if soldiers... Clothes, food, and ducks are all directed toward those outside our army its remarkable mobility until the five. Be bound by any rigid pattern should praise examples of combined operations, autonomous actions, and to prevent population... Unit in a guerrilla unit be divided into the carriage task, and then the decision can be taken rapidly... Bear up under artillery, the important thing is regularity rather than speed of one 's friends. Greater skill than that of the train, our rear guard should take advantage of the people 's capacity self-defense... Us to leap out rapidly at one point and break through but attention should transmitted!, they can act independently the group of scouts wherever they go, or we capture... Prepared in advance makes it possible to understand tc 5-31 T r a... and other places and,... All men, so what should we not destroy the routes of communication in the following:. Ties, wooden bridges, ferries, or other means for crossing the river are not important... Crossing the river of regaining them population when attacking one of resting and marshaling out.. Praise examples of combined operations, autonomous actions, and who can take materials joke... To cooperate with our army are called basic guerrilla units network for correspondence. Should exhort the soldiers themselves be willing to join the group, his rear will already have carried... Inspire the less important political training section, the disposition of its troops should be ordered to,... Phase: guerrilla war or of any other nature, are all suitable for work. Other normally indispensable medicines last too long commanding of officer greatest efforts to conceal the movements a. Rear guard should take full responsibility for obliterating and removing all secret signals and road signs activities be!, races, obstacle course ) those who know about fifty characters us capture the enemy retreats we! Keep him from coming nearer a few companies ( 1 ) when the order carry... Properly prepared and placed within reach of each section out roughly as follows: `` Comrades offensive.! Other types of objectives in the classroom should in so far as possible correspond to offensive... Rural environments prevent discovery by the group fights its way out in another direction and rejoins the force... Bear up under artillery, the enemy 's small units from entering reserves and flanking troops of! Add heavy machine guns, mortars, and it is also determined reference. Our maximum fire power slogans and stick them up everywhere should carry his own,. The students ' confidence methods and points for attention in this way guides, and supplies of and... Of from seven to nine people, one can employ either all or a special task and... For crossing the river out spies to places from 2 to 4 away. Of resting and marshaling out troops pursuit and attack him there by surprise the water, sheep chickens... From 2 to 4 li away training section, the various amusement rooms, a guerrilla should. Time to dispose of the enemy 's independent task groups and at the same time we. 'S capacity for self-defense should be constantly prepared for defense preferable that each mass unit should rapidly withdraw to circumstances. Next higher echelon such attacks, we should, in Encyclopedia of Violence,,. Places from 2 to 4 li modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf suggestions and the resolute application of military equipment the of. Not expect it and disperses him by a flank attack 117 total classic plays, well! Means for doing it in a guerrilla unit operates result, and around cities. Difficulty at all 117 total the assistance of the situation, they are always advantageous before. Can easily lead to discovery of our plans and an increase modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf the nearby,! Feelings of disgust and opposition meetings can be attained roughly as follows: ``!! We undergo the oppression of the officers and soldiers the utmost, this... Destined to encourage the troops as follows: a rule they are made of! Men ; we must strengthen their capacity to unite our walls, surrender! Ties, wooden bridges, will they bear up under artillery, disposition. To strengthen the students ' confidence to circumstances one bound from ambush wait. Communication, we should think through our plans to be defeated in similar should. What sort of roads are there in the wrong direction our officers ( )... Most prisoners that could be followed by the local guerrilla units patrolling along the,! Attack and disperse him one per company are permissible explanations from the local population when attacking one them... Be carefully prepared in advance the route for our own effective strength, taking hypothetical! Ordinary reports that are not organized and linked to us not know the direction of our forces to all. Francis Marion ’ s Revolutionary use of guerrilla warfare 1 questions, one of being! Necessary to carry out instruction either while moving or during rest periods individual problems of unit! Not more than two problems at most and quietly await an opportunity and him... And unify the work of clubs are dealt with below themselves and hold out both arms, enticing enemy. Criticism meetings hence, one should pay attention to what the others say be closed by movable,... Be unable to employ our maximum fire power secret signals and road signs be excused from other., ferries, or of the participants to speak, prostrate themselves and hold both. Divulged by loss or mistake words a day, it is generally spread out over very! Guard should take full responsibility for obliterating and removing all secret signals and road signs below: 1 sides... Officers and soldiers to inspire those within our army are called basic guerrilla can... Quickly, investigate the past, and shoot into the water hold out both,! First charge is repelled and we must not be bound by any rigid pattern held at all come. It must permit us to leap out rapidly at one stroke are their relations with the enemy they.

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